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Gracie Wicks

Gracie Wicks

Gracie Wicks is most importantly passionate and excited about scrupulously managing her landlords’ investment assets. Gracie has a broad range of skills attained from her own experience and also as a result of growing up in the rural Toowoomba outskirts. She is highly professional and treats both landlords and tenants alike as clients, providing an exceptional service to every person she encounters.

Displaying a refreshing high energy, ‘can-do’ attitude and excellent problem-solving skills, Gracie is quick to respond to accounting and lease renewal enquiries and goes out of her way to ensure the best resolution as quickly as possible. When situations arise,

Gracie shows off her expert communications skills and keeps everyone fully informed. She has an exceptional ability to multi-task and manages unexpected daily tasks in a timely fashion.

Honest and sincere Gracie chooses to work at Toowoomba City Realty due to the company’s values, reputation and six-star service ethic. She knows that each property she represents will have the backing of a highly skilled professional team offering exceptional branding, marketing and innovation to get the results that her clients deserve.