Lease Renewals

Lease Renewals

As there has been some confusion over the lese renewal process, we thought we would clarify some questions that many tenants may have.

RTA legislation states that as your rental agency we are required to give tenants two months notice to vacate, should the owner of the property want to sell, move into the property themselves or if tenants do not want to renew. For this reason we contact owners two and a half – three months before a lease is due to expire.

We then relay these instructions to the tenants to vacate or renew the lease.

Should the owners wish to renew to the current tenants, we require the lease to be signed promptly. Often this can be frustrating for tenants as they may not have considered their housing position so early, however we are required to minimise the possible vacancy as much as possible for the owner.

Tenants who do not sign a lease within the required timeframe may receive a notice to leave.

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